Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gas station app aims to give out $1 million in cash back

Forget coupons and loyalty cards. To earn cash back on gas all you need is your phone and a receipt from a gas station listed in the Upside app.

The Upside app is paying up to $0.50 per gallon of gas purchased at stations in the Washington, D.C. area.

“We recently passed $100,000 in cash back earned by Upside users,” said Wayne Lin, Upside co-founder, Head of Product. "In 2017, our goal is to give out $1MM in cash back, add many more stations to the app, and expand into several more states.

“We're working to get Upside to as many people as possible and positive reviews really help drive more downloads of the app. With more users, we can bring more gas stations into the app for you to earn cash back from.”

The app currently works at over 650 stations in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland, including all the big brands (Exxon, Shell, Sunoco, etc).

To learn more about Upside, you can check out their website at

Editor's note: I earned $21.14 cash back from Upside in February 2017.

Monday, February 20, 2017

ClixSense launches promotion to celebrate 10-year anniversary

On Feb. 22, the popular rewards website ClixSense will celebrate its 10-year anniversary. In celebration of this, the company is running a special promotion starting Monday that will run until the end of the month.

“We are doubling the daily checklist bonus,” the ClixSense staff announced on Monday. “During these days Standard members will earn a 10 percent bonus for completing their checklists and Premium members will earn a whopping 24 percent bonus.

“The extra checklist bonuses (ClixAddon and Activity) are not changed and will be added to the regular bonus as usual bringing the maximum potential bonus to 12 percent for Standard members and 28 percent for Premium members.

“We've also significantly increased the odds of winning on ClixGrid, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.”

ClixSense is a website where users can earn real cash for watching videos, answering surveys and clicking ads.

Editor's note: I earned $27.48 from ClixSense in December 2015.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Name change for WalletBuffet app

WalletBuffet, a free app for Android and iPhones that lets users earn real cash, has changed its name to DailyWin.

We have changed our name to DailyWin,” said app developer Peace Party Studios. “Thank you so much for all of you who play, stay tuned for cool new features coming soon!”

DailyWin is a chance to win real cash every day. The app offers users a unique opportunity to play free scratch card games daily for a chance to win real money. Thousands of users are winning real cash prizes every single day, the company says in the app's description. “Not to mention there are extra ways to earn cash by completing simple daily tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, and much more coming soon.”
  • Free scratch card tickets everyday.
  • Watch videos to earn money.
  • Surveys
  • Make money for every scratch card you complete (even if you don’t win).
  • Daily Prize Wheel (Coming Soon)
  • Cash payouts using Paypal or Checks.
  • Always free to play, no in-app purchases required to play & win.
  • The app has already paid out over $2,465 to users.
Editor's note: I earned a total $23.00 from WalletBuffet (DailyWin) in 2016.

Friday, February 10, 2017 issues millions of bonuses to members due to crediting issues, an online rewards website, paid out millions of bonuses to users on Friday due to “crediting issues,” the company said in an announcement on their website. operates a rewards network which offers multiple ways to earn virtual currency called HoneyDollars (HD). Members can redeem their HDs for Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards or donate their earnings to charity.

“Thanks for being a loyal user of our properties,” the company said in a message to users. “We greatly appreciate it. You have been identified for an extra bonus due to crediting issues. We just gave users millions of nectar bonuses! Check for a special bonus from Paypal! Thank you for using BuzzTV while we work on enhancing crediting.” has given away more than $1 million in rewards since April 2015.

Editor's note: I earned a total $230.00 from in 2016.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Virginia is the most romantic state, according to Ibotta

Virginia really is for lovers. That's according to Ibotta, the mobile shopping app whose users have earned more than $170 million in cash-back rebates on everyday purchases. On Thursday, Ibotta released results from its first-ever Valentine's Day shopping data analysis, and found that Virginia is the most romantic state based on wine and chocolate sales.

An analysis of more than 4.6 million item-level receipts uploaded to the Ibotta app showed that Virginia experienced the biggest spikes in both wine and chocolate purchases, up 136 percent and 138 percent, respectively in the two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day 2016. North Carolina ranked second, up 125 percent in wine sales in the run-up to last year's holiday, and chocolate surged by 136 percent. Oklahoma, Connecticut and Maryland, rounded out the top five states for wine, while New Hampshire, Maine and Maryland ranked just below North Carolina for chocolate sales.

"We're always looking for trends that can help consumers save even more money," said Bryan Leach, founder and CEO of Ibotta.

Ibotta's Valentine's Day analysis also revealed the cheapest days to buy wine and chocolate. An analysis of more than 100 million item-level receipts over the past three years found that Tuesday is the best day of the week to buy a bottle of wine ($12.89), when it is six percent cheaper than on the most expensive day, Saturday ($13.66). The average price of chocolate in stores drops to its lowest on Wednesdays ($2.55), which is more than 10 percent lower than on Mondays ($2.82). Valentine's Day this year falls on a Tuesday, which is good news for procrastinators who can grab the best-priced bottle of wine day-of.

Earlier this month, Virginia also took first place for the most romantic restaurants in America, according to survey data released by OpenTable.

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Editor's note: I earned a total $50.75 cash back from Ibotta in 2016.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beta testers needed for money-making app YooLotto

Developers of the phone app YooLotto are asking users to track and report their earnings rate while the company works on an update to the latest version. YooLotto is a smartphone app that rewards users with cash for watching video ads.

“We're currently in need of your help to track and report the earning rate,” company officials said in an email to users. “You'll receive 10 YooBux ($0.10) for each report per device model you send. One sentence report on the date, earning amount, device model, and your region, such as 'I earned 34 YooBux on LG Optimus Zone 3 on 1/23/17 in Texas,' would suffice for this purpose.

At the end of the month, the company will tally up the number of reports and pay users accordingly. The report can be sent to with the following subject: YooLotto earning rate.

“We're looking for two or three members per region to help us,” officials said. “This will be a first come, first serve basis. If you're interested, please send us an e-mail to with the above mentioned subject. Please make sure to include what state you live in as well (for non-US members, please specify which country you live in), and the device models you'll be testing with.”

Developers are still working on technical difficulties with the app reported on Tuesday. “We expect to resolve the issue within the next 24-48 hours,” the company said on Wednesday.

Editor's note: My current earnings for February stand at $2.41.

ClixSense removes PayPal as payment option

The popular online rewards website ClixSense has removed PayPal as a payment option for its users due to new policy changes at PayPal. ClixSense is a website where members get paid for viewing ads, answering surveys, or viewing websites and videos posted by advertisers. ClixSense informed its users of the change in a message posted on the company's website Wednesday.

“Members, this announcement comes with a very heavy heart," said Jim Garpo, owner of ClixSense. "On Monday, Paypal placed a hold on our account. They advised me that due to new policy changes the ClixSense business model was now in violation of their user agreement and we would have to stop processing all payments. We attribute this change to the large amount of fly by night PTC, HYIPs, traffic exchanges etc that have made this industry look bad for those that actually run a legitimate business.

“I have had several conference calls with Paypal over the last few days trying to convince them that we've posed no risk for the last seven years since we've introduced them, and even our account rep agrees, but in their eyes it did not matter. On Tuesday afternoon, I was told I would get a definitive answer either last night or this morning if we would be able to continue with them for at least mass pay cashouts. I received the call this morning that they are not allowing us to process with them any more. If you haven't noticed, the option to pay by Paypal has been removed from the site.

“While this is definitely a set back, it certainly does not mean you will not get paid. I highly suggest that if you are currently using Paypal to switch to Payoneer. They can send your funds directly to your bank account or to their debit card. We also suggest you try Tango Card or Paytoo as they have many different options for you too.

“I have a call later today with Skrill to try and get this account setup ASAP and I am doing everything I can to bring Payza back as well.

“We know this is a major inconvenience but as the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. ClixSense will continue to move forward and we will do our best to provide you with the great service that you've come to know.”

Editor's note: I earned a total $159.40 from ClixSense in 2016.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Technical difficulties hit YooLotto app

The phone app YooLotto is currently facing “technical difficulties due to one of our ad partners updating their system,” company officials said Tuesday. YooLotto is a smartphone app that rewards users with cash for watching video ads.

“Please avoid clearing data or uninstalling/reinstalling the app as this will cause less ads to come in,” a company official said in an email to users. “If you have already updated to the newest version without uninstalling, you won't be affected. However, if you clear data or try to uninstall/reinstall, then you won't see ads from that ad partner, affecting your earning. We're working around the clock to fix this issue, and will notify you as soon as this is fixed.”

Editor's note: I earned a total $35.23 from YooLotto in 2016.