Friday, February 10, 2017 issues millions of bonuses to members due to crediting issues, an online rewards website, paid out millions of bonuses to users on Friday due to “crediting issues,” the company said in an announcement on their website. operates a rewards network which offers multiple ways to earn virtual currency called HoneyDollars (HD). Members can redeem their HDs for Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards or donate their earnings to charity.

“Thanks for being a loyal user of our properties,” the company said in a message to users. “We greatly appreciate it. You have been identified for an extra bonus due to crediting issues. We just gave users millions of nectar bonuses! Check for a special bonus from Paypal! Thank you for using BuzzTV while we work on enhancing crediting.” has given away more than $1 million in rewards since April 2015.

Editor's note: I earned a total $230.00 from in 2016.

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